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Welcome to M~lend Finance, for over 17 years we have offered patient and consumer financing services throughout the country.

We’re unique for the industry in that we charge no fees or have discounted payments to the providers.  Doctors, clinics, hospitals, treatment
facilities, insulation and home improvement companies can participate without sign up or agreement. There is no paperwork or loan
contracts to complete and keep on file.

Our financing is through contracts we have with most major credit card companies, where you can receive 0% interest terms through one of
their credit cards.  Interest would be charged only on a remaining balance afterwards. Unlike “same as cash”.  We also offer fixed rate
installment loans for up to 84 month terms and $100,000.

Particularly for addiction treatment. With no interest charges for an extended period of time, this can be a welcome bridge financing vehicle,
until other long term debt arrangements can be  explored. Solutions such as equity lines or asset liquidation, that tend to take more time than
the urgency of admission will allow.
Please explore our site and review the financing programs available.  When you find one that fits your needs, merely click to apply.  In most
cases, your results will appear a few moments later.  There will also be other instructions that might apply.

Typically your credit card will be delivered or loan proceeds directly deposited to your account within 3-7 business days.
Patient and Consumer Lending

Throughout the site, you will see
financing options referenced by
quality of credit.  Though it’s not an
exact science, you can use the
following chart as a general
Thank you for choosing M-lend Financial.  Good luck with your pending plans!
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